Crash. Burn. Rebuild.

dessauer1_1Most, if not all individuals, business’ and even countries crash and burn. But, not all re-build. That may be the best indication of strength, determination and ultimately success. You see, a lot of people have success, but is it repeatable after disaster? That is exactly what this book is about.

Ironically, the ideas in this book that help individuals and companies, also can help our country. Empires and great countries seem to crash and burn every few hundred years or so, this book, also gives a perspective as to what America can do, to change that particular fate. Putting in these simple ideas in motion is a must if we want to continue to prosper as a nation.

You will learn the best steps to take when in a “crash and burn” and what exactly to do to rebuild. John Dessauer has done that in his career before and has become a stronger investor and entrepreneur for it. It is where he coined the now famous saying “wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure, and life is as simple as you make it”.

This book specifically brings you through the journey of “turning things around”. Its unique content, contains ideas such as:

  • Understanding When Something is Going Wrong
  • Stay Calm and Breathe…
  • Building Your Simplicity Plan
  • Understanding What You Want in Moving Forward After Crashing, and How to Get There Fast!

“Buying this book, will surely change you perspective on crashing. It will not only give you the motivation to re-build, but also the exact blueprint. Without the blueprint to move forward, we lose the lessons that the crash should teach us in the first place.” – John Dessauer