Real Estate H2O

“Quenching Your Thirst in a Parched Economy”


RE H2O 3-D Book CoverWhy real estate investing? This book will not only tell you why, but it will give you a great start to success!

Real Estate H2O…Who would have thought that I would have written a book about Real Estate and water? I mean, who would have put the two together? Real Estate investing with all of its complexities, myths, challenges and superstars, how do you introduce water as a contrast? Well I don’t.

What you will find in this book is a myriad of facts about water. With those facts you will find not a contrast but common ground. I believe that water is our most important resource. As a matter of fact, I think our future will be shaped not by our reserves of oil and gas, but by our reserves of freshwater. How does that coincide with Real Estate investing?

Real Estate investing is the sleeping giant of investment choices for most people. Just as water is going to be our most precious resource in the future, Real Estate provides the same magnitude of importance to an investor. Most people simply don’t understand the life supporting benefits that we get from water and how that resource is limited. I believe Real Estate investing can also provide life supporting benefits and is just as limited. However, just as there could be dangers from water (drowning, floods, hurricanes, etc.), there are also pitfalls and dangers from real estate investing. Even so, the leverage and benefits that real estate provide are hard to surpass.

The leverage that Real Estate provides far out shadows any other investment in comparison. With Real Estate’s ability to let people invest with little or no money in some cases is mind boggling. It also gives the investor the ability to have other people pay for the investment. Can you think of any other type of investment where other people work hard everyday to give you a check to support you and your investment? What about the fact that you can purposely drive the value of your real estate through appreciation. The fact that appreciation grows exponentially can elevate your financial health enormously in a short amount of time. Finally, Real Estate is a buffer against our greatest expense, taxes. With the help of proper professional tax advice, you can minimize your tax exposure to further increase your returns.