How to Use Personality Tests to Optimize New Hire Success Rates

As a business owner, you know how challenging it can be to hire the right person. You’re supposed to make a huge investment in a candidate based solely on their resume, cover letter and a 15-minute interview. That hardly seems enough to go on, considering how important it is for the new hire to be successful in their new job role. This is the reason why so many companies invest in personality assessment tests to vet candidates.

What Are Personality Assessment Tests?

Personality tests for employers are pre-hire screening assessments. These tests extract data from the tester that an employer can use to predict new hire success rates. Typically, they measure a tester’s personality traits and problem-solving skill through a series of carefully crafted questions. As the employer, you can then compare results of the different candidates to see which candidate might make a better fit according to the job requirements.

How to Use Test Results to Optimize New Hire Test Success Rates

For example, if you’re seeking to hire for a management position, you’d look for candidates that answered questions well regarding ability and willingness to delegate, one that felt at ease telling others what to do, and one that indicated a take charge attitude even when things don’t go according to plan. If you’re looking to hire general employees and you want to ensure they can follow directions, look for candidates that answered questions well regarding able to interact well with co-workers, willingness to do tasks even when they don’t necessarily enjoy them, and willingness to help co-workers who are struggling with their own work.

Which Personality Tests Work Best For Employers?

There are a multitude of personality tests that employers use to screen candidates. The best ones are based on the work of either mental health professionals or experts in the employee industry. Following are two of the most popular personality tests that you can consider to optimize your new hire success rates:

Winslow Personality Profile

The Winslow Personality Profile test is specifically designed for employers that want to screen candidates for possible hire. This test gives considerable insight into how a person performs on a team as well as what their motivations are. In fact, the Winslow Personality Profile test is extensively used by major sports agencies such as the NFL and MLB. Not only do they used this test to screen potential new players; they also use it to analyze strengths and weaknesses of existing team members. You could do the same thing with this test in your business.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® 

This test is based on work by Carl Jung, noted psychologist. It categorizes candidates into 16 different personality types. The results also gives insight as to what kind of jobs the candidate might be best suited for. You could use this test on potential new hires to see if they would be a good fit for your company.

Now you have access to a tool that can maximize your own skills in making new hires. Once you utilize one of the popular personality tests that employers use, you’ll see the amazing power they have to predict employee success in any type of job role.

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