How to Increase Email Marketing Click Through Rates

Email marketing can be one of the least expensive and effective ways to communicate with your market, convert subscribers and increase sales. But before any of these things can happen, you need to get subscribers to click through the email to view your offer or visit your web site.

How to Monitor Click Through Rates

Most email marketing companies provide a dashboard where you can see exactly which subscribers have opened your email and clicked through your email links. A few email marketing companies that offer this service include Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Send in Blue. Other companies also exist that offer monitoring services like this.

How to Increase Email Marketing Click Through Rates 

There are certain things that marketing experts do to increase click through rates. You can implement the same strategies yourself without the help of costly marketing agencies.

  1. Address Recipient by Name

Anonymous emails don’t get as many click throughs as personalized emails. Go through your email list and insert the first names of each subscriber into the field that your email marketing company supplies for personalizing emails. That way your recipient will get emails that start with “Hi Martha,” for example, instead of just “Hi.”

  1. Offer Real Value

Make sure your recipient has a reason to click through your email. Do this by offering real value that they can use. This may be an important news article relating to your product or service, a special coupon for your customers or some interesting information your recipient can use to enhance their business or personal lives.

  1. Shorten Subject Lines

Most people use email clients that have only limited space for email subject lines. Make sure you shorten all the subject lines so your  message isn’t cut off when your client browses their inbox. A word limit of 10 is recommended. That’s typically the longest string that can almost always show up completely in most email clients like Outlook and Gmail.

  1. Use Compelling Language in Subject Lines      

Ensure that your email subject lines use compelling language that will entice your recipient to open the email and read it. This doesn’t mean you should use click bait language, but it’s okay to use certain marketing words that have historically been shown to encourage action, like “free” and “secret.”

  1. Put Action Words First

Your subject line should contain active action words first, even if the grammar isn’t exactly correct. For example, instead of saying “How to Teach Your Dog Voice Commands,” You could say, “Communicate With Your Dog With These Tips.”

  1. Be Clear About What You Want Your Recipient To Do

Finally, add a clear call to action in your emails, like a “click here” button or a “continue reading” link to your website. That way your recipients won’t be left wondering why they even got the email.

These six marketing strategies will improve your click through rates and bring more visitors to your site. For best results, implement all six tips with every email that you send.

“Remember, wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure and life is as simple as you make it!” – John Dessauer

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