Apartment Confidential

“Information so valuable, it should be kept a secret!”


There’s a lot of people making money in apartments today. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

dessauer1_apJohn Dessauer has bought and managed hundreds of properties, perfecting the art of generating wealth through rentals. Now he’s written a comprehensive guide, Apartment Confidential: “Information So Valuable, It Should Be Kept a Secret!” so you can too.

Apartment Confidential translates the complexities of navigating the commercial rental market into detailed, practical, straightforward steps that anyone can follow. Whether you want to supplement your regular income, or become a full time investor, with Apartment Confidential you’ll master the fundamentals of investing wisely and profitably.

You’ll learn:

  • Why apartments are the hottest segment of the market
  • The importance of keeping it simple and understanding your goals
  • The power of using the right professionals for your team
  • The foolproof formulas for finding and valuing the right properties for you
  • How to analyze markets, neighborhoods,and property classes
  • The art of negotiating, financing, and closing quality deals
  • Proven strategies for increasing property value
  • Secret insider’s tips for ensuring success

And much, much more!

“Welcome to the world of real estate investing where one deal could change your life!

By accepting my invitation to teach you simple principles of real estate investing, you have taken your first step toward big profits and investment success.

The field of real estate investing may seem intimidating at first, but it shouldn’t. The reality is that buying duplexes, triplexes, and small apartment properties is much more straightforward than you may think. Even if you have no experience in this business, the information in this Book will prepare you to get started with confidence.”